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Takeacoder 2.0 released

Jan 25

The new UI Version of Takeacoder, has been released.

The main objective of the redesign is to focus more and more in open innovation and in the delivery of projects based on a crowdsourcing model.

Now we want to have a selected of premium and best of breed of professionals and to attract creative start-up and enterprises interested especially on r&d and innovative projects.

Please visit the new site and sign-up for the service.

Takeacoder Elevator Pitch on Slideshare Business & Management Home Page

Jan 05

Many thanks to Slideshare editorial team.

Slides has been published on the Business & Management Home Page.

I’m happy to know that some people are interested in our business model.

The new release of will be on line in a few days. For this reason stay tuned.

Happy new Year ’09

Jan 02

Will it be the year of crowdsourcing ?

I really don’t know … but I know that:

1-  People and especially young graduated guys are more effective and the job the do than the whole organization

2- Enterprises has not controll over the knowledge exchange anymore

3- Salary in many cases are not considered the rigth compensation for the jobs done, even if the costs inside enterprises are higher and higher.

4- People is not able anymore to do jobs they do not like.

5- Everyone could be a champion doing something that he loves.

For this reason new models need to be tested. We have not be afraid of changes. Especially in 2009.

Opening partners enrolment

Nov 09

We have already a great team of partners, but we are looking for more experienced profesionals, r&d teams, project and program manager.

Basically we wanto every one which is interested to provide his capability in an open and innovative enviroment.

Please send your CV and your case histories to

OID Blog released.

Oct 23

Let’s start from this.

Many blogs, enterprises, gurus and so on are talking about open innovation.

We are the only ones discussing about the delivery of open innovation. We are preparing the launch of a service which allows every one to deliver their projects using open innovaton approach.

We want cleary to be something between Innocentive and eLance!

Is that clear.

Help us to reach this goal!