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Takeacoder vision …

Jan 03

We are still writing down the business model, and I think we need several months and some pilot projects in order to design the new market.

But we are sure that enterprises need our platform and our community which intend to be something different from (and more appealing than) a marketplace of coders.

Take a look at our elevator pitch, and feel free to comment.

Happy new Year ’09

Jan 02

Will it be the year of crowdsourcing ?

I really don’t know … but I know that:

1-  People and especially young graduated guys are more effective and the job the do than the whole organization

2- Enterprises has not controll over the knowledge exchange anymore

3- Salary in many cases are not considered the rigth compensation for the jobs done, even if the costs inside enterprises are higher and higher.

4- People is not able anymore to do jobs they do not like.

5- Everyone could be a champion doing something that he loves.

For this reason new models need to be tested. We have not be afraid of changes. Especially in 2009.